UPNG students excluded due to breaching university laws

Members of the 2016 University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) Student Representative Council (SRC) have been permanently excluded due to breaching university laws.

UPNG acting chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann said that the letter of exclusion given to the students is a genuine document from the university management.

He said this in response to the SRC members who have demanded an explanation from the university administration regarding their exclusion.

Dr Mann said the 2016 UPNG SRC led the rolling boycott at UPNG that resulted in the violation of the laws, statutes, regulations, codes and charters to which they all concurred to uphold.

“All elected leaders by virtue are recognised and trusted by others and are accountable to receive credit for good leadership and discredit for bad leadership,” he said.  

Mann added that the Pro Vice Chancellor is the authorised person to dispense directions of that nature to bona fide students who breech statutes, codes of conduct and charters of the University.

This is normal administrative and management processes that are instituted in all democratic and orderly societies, institutions and organisations including universities and colleges around the world including PNG.

Mann said the exclusion letter states a period of seven days for appeal which is the beauty of democracy and the rule of law.

He stressed that if a member of the 2016 UPNG SRC feels that he/she was not party to the leadership of the rolling boycott culminating in violations then they have been given the opportunity to show cause. 

Quintina Naime