UPNG schools still accepting students after re-registration deadline

Although the deadline for registration was last week, the four respective schools at the University of Papua New Guinea, Waigani campus, are still accepting students to do re-registration this week.

An officer of the School of Law told Loop PNG that he continued to allow law students to re-register as he sympathises with them.

"These are our students so we try our best to register them," he said.

He further revealed that he is aware that some students have not been able to return due to financial reasons.

Another staff at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences office told Loop PNG that they will begin to turn students away by the start of the third week, as week 11 of semester one then recommences.

While both the School of Business and Public Policy and the School of Natural and Physical Sciences (SNPS) have closed re-registration, the SNPS office will still allow students to re-register, dealing with students case by case to determine their genuinity.

Statistical data provided by the SOL showed that so far, only four students have withdrawn, mainly for reasons of safety, work commitments and other personal grounds.

Currently, 88.2 percent of law students have re-registered.

Reliable sources from the SBPP, the SHSS and the SNPS have also agreed that 80 percent of the students from their respective schools have shown interest in resuming class, whilst only a handful have withdrawn.

The Executive Officer of the SNPS office is optimistic that the number of re-registered students will eventually rise, bringing the total in percentage to 90 for the SNPS.

More students are expected to turn up for re-registration this week.

(Students outside the School of Humanities and Social Sciences office last week.)

Fiona Silo