UPNG to present petition tomorrow

The University of Papua New Guinea students will be presenting their petition tomorrow (Thursday) at the UPNG Forum Square.

Student leader Christopher Kipalan said this afternoon during their forum that apart from the delegates, they are also expecting outsiders, concerned citizens, to attend the event.

“Because this country not only belongs to the 5000 students of UPNG but also the 8 million people of Papua New Guinea.

“The entire field is reserved for the general public while students will sit at the Forum Square, dressed in black.”

All entrances to the main Waigani campus will be closed and guarded by police, Uniforce and students, except for the main gate.

“All vehicles will come through the main gate. Park your cars at the field and walk into the campus,” Kipalan said.

“We are expecting thousands of people to flood into the campus.

“For the last two weeks we have been boycotting peacefully, despite intimidation and provocation.”

Students are expected to be at the Forum Square by 9am with their identification cards. The School of Medical and Health Sciences will also be joining their colleagues.

Carmella Gware