UPNG academic calendar to be reorganised

The 2016 academic calendar for the University of Papua New Guinea will be reorganised to facilitate the indefinite suspension of semester one.

Acting-chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann explained that semester one has been seriously compromised therefore the indefinite suspension is in the best interest of the students and the university.

Mann said the academic calendar will be reorganised to cater for the lost weeks of lectures during the boycott and exams, which was scheduled in a week.

He said eventually when the suspension is lifted, the reorganisation of semester one does not compromise semester two.

“Semester one is suspended indefinitely until normalcy is restored both academically and the learning environment.

“Refund of school fees will not be done as this is only a suspension and not cancellation of the academic year, meaning classes will resume when the suspension is lifted.

“We expect students to return to normal classes when the suspension is lifted,” Mann said.

The University Council made its decision based on the Senate’s recommendation.

Quintina Naime