Two smartphones for cancer foundation

Learning and knowing about cancer can empower people to educate their families and communities to avoid the disease through healthy lifestyle choices.

Corporate Sales Manager of Digicel Business, Peta Kanawai, said this yesterday when presenting two smartphones and over K2000 to the PNG Cancer Foundation in Port Moresby.

Digicel PNG partnered with the Cancer Foundation to deliver two awareness workshops this year and has since continued on with the donation of two phones and cash.

“For Digicel to partner together with the Cancer Foundation and also through Women in Leadership League, it actually empowers our own staff and creates that awareness,” she said.

“The earlier you get the news out there for people to be aware of it, the more you can prohibit cancer from going into the next stage and also creating that awareness for people to live healthier and having longevity in the business itself.”

Digicel Business staff also contributed K2214.15, which will be handed over to the foundation to carry out its work.

Receiving the donations was PNGCF marketing & fundraising manager, Hayley Chown, and fundraising support officer, Rebekah Houji.

“All of it helps us to get out again in 2017 and we’ve got so many plans,” said Chown.

The two smartphones include sim cards as well as 5GB data. They will be used as prizes by the PNG Cancer Foundation for its Mausgrass Campaign competition, which they ran in November through social media.

The competition required men and women to be creative in making moustaches and send in a photo, pledging to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Two winners will be announced next Wednesday.

Cedric Patjole