Two police disciplined after 6 escape from Tari cells

Six men broke out from the Tari police cells between 11pm last night and 2am this morning (Monday) .

Hela police commander Mark Yangen tells PNG Loop that the men broke through a rusted lock and made a run for it when they realised that the station was not being manned.

At the time of the break out there were two other men also in the cell who refused to escape as they feared what would happen to them if they were recaptured.

PPC Yangen says that the six men that escaped have been held for various serious crimes including wilful murder and armed robbery.

A furious Yangen says that the two officers who were rostered to be on duty have both been suspended and charged for negligence.

He says that the men were on a drop off run when the prisoners seized the opportunity to break out and escape through the empty police station.

Yangenb says his officers are chasing leads into the whereabouts of the prisoners.