Two injured from Manam ash fall

Two young Manam boys one aged between 5- 6 years and the other between 14 – 15years old are now receiving medical attention at the Bogia Health Centre.

These two were casualties of the eruption at Manam island yesterday morning.

Charles Yanda at the Asurumba care Centre in Bogia told LOOP PNG, both boys  sustained injuries to their heads when the Manam volcano spewed dust and stones into the atmosphere.

The 5 year old was in Dugulava village when he was hit unconscious by a stone blown out into the sky.

His father quickly put him into a canoe and paddled for at least four hours to get to Bogia.

The teenager a student in the Baliau village was also hit on the head by a volcano stone.

He was rushed to Bogia health Centre on an outboard motor.

Manam islanders on Bogia say ash fall continues and rumblings from the volcano can still be heard on mainland.

Joy Kisselpar