TVWAN expands coverage

PNG based television network TVWAN is branching out to bring a new experience to its viewers across the pacific.

In corporation with Samoa’s television network TV1 Samoa, TVWAN yesterday broadcasted the Rugby League test match between Toa Samoa and Fiji Bati, live from Apia Samoa.

This is the first of such, where TVWAN, according to Eggert Gunnarsson, the Head of news, sports and productions, has attempted.

The game was broadcasted live to its audience in PNG, Australia, New Zealand and all over Oceania.

Calling this a great corporation, Gunnarsson said this project was sparked by an idea from Digicel Samoa.

“By teaming up with TV1 here and bringing key people from our TVWAN crew in PNG, we managed to get this off the ground. Fantastic experience for all of them who took part in giving people far and wide to see this great game and to experience the fantastic atmosphere at Apia Park,” Gunnarsson said.

“This is the first time TVWAN has attempted this and it is great to bring our experience to deliver an event like this.”

The commentators Cullighan Tanda and Evan Ovavita were also part of the TVWAN crew.

Other networks like Fox Sports, Sky also carried the game.

Pictures: Eggert Gunnarsson

Gloria Bauai