TSC: Teachers' salaries must be addressed at provincial level

Salary payment for teachers must be addressed at the provincial level to limit the high number of teachers fronting the Department of Education office at Fincorp House.

Teaching Service Commission (TSC) chairman Baran Sori says this issue is ongoing every year and many of the issues including salaries, leave fares and allowances can be resolved at the provincial education offices.

Baran addressed the media today regarding reports of teachers demanding their overdue payments.

He said TSC receives 7000 queries each year but not so much is about pays and entitlements, which is a positive sign.

“52,000 teachers were given a 10 percent increment since 2013 and that is an indication that they’re recognised by the State,” said Baran.

He stated that the problem of unpaid salaries starts at the provincial level where the teachers are given positions and are paid according to that teaching position.

“We encourage teachers with these issues to speak to the provincial education advisors who are responsible for the appointment of teaching positions,” he said.

Acting Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra said that they had no intention to penalize teachers.

Dr Kombra urged the provincial advisors to work closely with the TSC to resolve such matters instead of sending the teachers to Waigani when they’re supposed to be in school.  


Quintina Naime