Trukai sets date for 2016 field day

Trukai Industries Limited will host its annual 'Rice and Agricultural Development Field Day' on April 15 at the Trukai Agricultural Development Farm at Erap outside Lae.

The opportunity will be for sharing of experience and capability on local rice development projects that Trukai has undertaken in partnership with various communities across PNG.    

Trukai's rice development projects are targeted at establishing a commercially viable rice growing industry for PNG.

The event will see much of its work being showcased and would include rice field visits, exhibitions of different aspects of rice development, the partnerships, agricultural and village sustainability programs, equipment exhibits, information display, rice growers, stakeholder engagement and information sharing.

Other agriculture partner organisations and service providers will also display their work.

So far Trukai has invested in village-based rice development in the Central, Oro, Morobe and West New Britain provinces with two rice development and purchasing agreements already established.

Additional projects are being initiated with a number of industry players. 

Seniorl Anzu