Trukai launches healthy living product

After decades spent embodying the values and ideals of a proud Papua New Guinea rìce company, Trukai has set a new standard in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with the launch of its TruCare brand.

Focusing on health and strength within Papua New Guinea, TruCare will incorporate both urban and rural sectors, with Trukai’s existing framework forming the foundation of the company’s CSR structure.

Trukai’s ongoing commitment to the remote areas of PNG focuses on promoting ‘Healthy Eating’, especially the importance of a healthy diet. With malaria, child illness, and tuberculosis still prevalent in rural communities, the role of rice in improving the immune system forms an integral part of the brand’s strategy.

Another component of the TruCare brand focuses on ‘Healthy Living’ in the urban areas, with the aim of minimising social issues, through the support of various sporting programs and events that are important to Trukai in PNG. The company’s advocacy of women in agriculture and business is also part of its’ CSR plan.

Trukai’s CEO, Greg Worthington Eyre, said the launch of TruCare serves to re-emphasise Trukai’s dedication to Papua New Guinea.

“TruCare is a brand that supports Papua New Guineans, not just in the urban centres, but also in remote areas,” he said.

“Trukai Industries is well aware of the plight caused by the recent El Nino and then floods in PNG. Trukai will endeavour to reach out to the affected population. Natural disasters are unavoidable and can cause a lot of damage to food crops, which affects people’s diet. Trukai has always been the number one food choice in Papua New Guinean households and during these trying times, TruCare is an assurance that Trukai does care about our people’s livelihood, health and wellbeing.”

Already this year, Trukai has so far donated 200 bags of 10kg rice to four main hospitals in the New Guinea Islands, Southern, Highlands and Momase regions. A tonne of rice was also donated to the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) medical ship ahead of its journey to the Southern Region and Huon Gulf. Every month, rice is supplied to feed orphaned children at the Life PNG Care centre, unemployed youth at the PNG City Mission (Port Moresby and Lae) and people living with disabilities at the Cheshire Homes.

“Trukai is much more than just rice. It’s about people, communities, agriculture and knowledge. We have been In PNG for more than 45 years and look forward to feeding a healthy nation for many more years to come,” said Worthington-Eyre.

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