TPA told to beef up tourism promotion

Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) has lost a big opportunity during the 2015 Pacific Games to market our tourism industry, says Tourism Minister Tobias Kulang.

He said TPA must profile every province, tourism site and destination to promote the country leading up to the 2018 APEC Leaders’ Summit.

Kulang explained that we must have this ready for the international community even before the APEC Meeting and leading up to that.

Kulang said

“We were supposed to prepare the nation in terms of marketing when the eyes of the rest of the Pacific Islands and the world were on us but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

“TPA did not do one thing in terms of marketing and that needs to improve leading up to APEC,” Kulang said.

He added that these were the issues that the industry was not conscious about as this was an opportunity for PNG to market its tourism industry during APEC.

Kulang said we must make sure that we sell every bit of tourism products that we have in the country and this time we will be better prepared for 2018.

Quintina Naime