Total to use local groups to develop Papua LNG

Total E&P PNG will as much as possible use local labour and companies to progress the development of the Papua LNG Project.

In a Q&A with Business Advantage PNG, Managing Director, Phillipe Blanchard, says currently local labour and companies are engaged in logistical and drilling activities.

He said the project is already benefiting local opportunities in logisitics and drilling activities. And once full construction starts, which is expected in 2019, more locals and business will benefit.

Total has between 140 and 150 staff based in Port Moresby and PRL 15.

“Performing drilling activities, as well as baseline surveys at the same time, requires to carry a lot of people from one place to the other, hence the logistics base and the personnel requirement. Therefore, to conduct all these operations, we are employing local civil works companies for building our well pads, local specialists or expertise through our contractors for the environmental and social baseline surveys.

“And because we are running our activities from PNG, all our contractors have an office in Papua New Guinea. It is easier for interacting with them and checking directly how things are progressing without having to travel abroad,’ says Blanchard.

Blanchard says the last 12 months were dedicated to progressing the Papua LNG development.

Antelope 6 was drilled at the start of the year and currently on foot is the Antelope 7 drilling which is expected to be the last appraisal where Total will finalise the assessment of the Elk Antelope resources.

Several field surveys have already begun for environmental and social impact assessments and will provide a baseline minimise the potential development impact on the communities and the environment.

Total expects to begin production between 2022 and 2023.



Cedric Patjole