Top cop: Training needs strengthening

The intention to increase police recruit training to 18 months has been earmarked as sufficient by the police commissioner Gari Baki.

The plan is for six months of basis training followed by six months of practical and then another six months in college.

However Baki wants to introduce behavioural subjects such as psychology, theology, ethics and morality, philosophy and history.

Currently, police recruits get six months of training.

He says that the  recruitment criteria is also very stringent with  nothing less than grade 12 students brought in with good grades.

However, he admits that the recruitment process will have to be strengthened and in the immediate future with aims to also introduce a standard aptitude test for all applicants and assess the capabilities or educational qualifications of each applicant.

Meantime, Baki says that he is also contemplating outsourcing recruitment in the near future to a professional recruitment organisation which will see them screening the best applicants  into the Constabulary.

Julianna Waeda