Top cop talks of senior police ‘insubordination’

Police Commissioner Gari Baki has directed the establishment of a high profile investigation team headed by acting Deputy Commissioner operations Raphael Huafolo to look into the operations of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate.

The Commissioner made this announcement this afternoon as a result of what he termed as a strong perception that the directorate was heavily politicised and not impartial in their investigations.

Baki questioned why there was no briefing given by the directorate to his office on cases such as the recent warrant of arrest for Finance Secretary Dairi Vele.

He says the conduct of NFACD director, Chief Superintendent Mathew Damaru and Chief Inspector Timothy Gitua, had undermined the integrity of the office of the Commissioner.

A frustrated Baki says he had no idea about the case until he was alerted about it through social media over the weekend and today in a newspaper report.

Baki says that the actions of Damaru and Gitua were a serious breach of discipline and amounted to insubordination as he was not briefed before the securing of the warrant of arrest.

He says that as the Commissioner he was never given a brief until the matter was already made public which he says is a concern as these are confidential police matters.

The team is set to review the directorate’s current arrangement with Task Force Sweep with the view to establishing the current authority exercised by the chairman of Task Force Sweep over current investigations.

A review of the legal representation of Chief Supt Damaru and Chief Insp Gitua will also be carried out to see if it is endorsed by the Commissioner of Ppolice or the Attorney General.

Baki said there was a need to establish a vetting committee on high profile cases currently being investigated to ensure accountability and objectivity at all times.

Meantime Baki says that he has also issued a directive for no members of the NFCAD or other constabulary members to directly approach the courts in obtaining a warrant of arrest without the express approval of the Commissioner of Police.

Meanwhile both officers, Baki says, will be dealt with administratively.


Julianna Waeda