Top 5 Digicel Cup teams confirmed for finals

The top 5 teams for the finals of the 2016 Digicel Cup have been confirmed after 16 gruelling rounds of competition.

The Snax Lae Tigers are the minor premiers for this season after topping the competition points ladder on 27 points.

The top 5:

  • Snax Lae Tigers (27)
  • Wamp NGA Mt. Hagen Eagles (25)
  • EGP Enga Mioks (23)
  • Agmark Rabaul Gurias (22)
  • PRK Gulf Isapea (19).

Finals for the Digicel Cup will get underway on the 14th of this month. The finals format will see the Eagles play the Mioks while the Gurias take on Isapea in a sudden death match.

The Tigers will have the bye.

Troy Taule