Today is International Day of Peace

Every year on the International Day of Peace (Sept 21), the United Nations calls on warring parties to lay down their arms and observe a 24-hour global ceasefire.

The symbolism of a day without fighting is a crucial reminder that conflict can and must come to an end, the UN says in a statement.

“But the UN thinks that peace is about much more than putting weapons aside. It is about building a society in which people live free from poverty and share the benefits of prosperity.”

The theme of this year’s Peace Day highlights the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which 193 Member States of the UN unanimously adopted last year as building blocks for peace. 

Conflict often starts when people compete over limited resources. The SDGs serve as a global blueprint to prevent such conflicts from arising by making sure no one is left behind and peace will last.

“Sustainable development is essential for lasting peace, and both depend on respect for human rights,” states the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon.

“We need to protect our planet. And only by working together can we make our common home safe for future generations.

“All of us can be sustainable development advocates and spread the word about SDGs. And we can all hold our governments to account for keeping their pledge to the future.”

In Papua New Guinea, the UN works to support and promote human rights, peace and development through its multi-agency program.  

A special focus has been on supporting the PNG Government and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville on implementing the Bougainville Peace Agreement, reads the statement.

“This includes strengthening political dialogue between the two governments, supporting awareness on the referendum and building social cohesion and community security. It continues to support women’s participation in leadership and addressing gender-based violence.”  

Roy Trivedy, the UN Resident Coordinator in Papua New Guinea, states: “The UN continues and has reinforced its work to ensure lasting peace in Bougainville and throughout Papua New Guinea.

“Peace is an essential requirement for development of Papua New Guinea in sustainable, equitable and effective manner. For us to achieve SDGs, the global goal, peace and justice need to be established every single corner of the society in the country.”


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