Tkatchenko promises lift for tourism

There’ll be new agenda items for the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) to help promote tourism locally and internationally.

Newly appointed Minister for Tourism Justin Tkatchenko aims to lift the standard of tourism in the country.

Tkatchenko, who is also the Minister for Sports and National Events, says he will make use of the K50 million budgeted this year for TPA to promote, market and develop tourism locally and abroad.

He says the first agenda is to develop current tourism developers and introduce private and public partnerships  for the benefit of everyone and the country.

Tkatchenko also plans to visit the local areas, villages and provinces where tourism is promoted.

“It is a huge challenge with so much to do and I thank the Prime Minister for giving me the privilege of being the Tourism Minister.

“We’ve got so much we can do with tourism and as Minister, I will ensure that we direct funding in the right way to promote our fantastic country and also develop our current operators to be bigger and better.

“We want as many tourists in our country as possible and we also want to support our local economy and small business entrepreneurs in tourism as well,” said Tkatchenko.

He said “a lot needs to be done and will not happen overnight and it all starts with us’’.

Tkatchenko also thanked the previous acting Minister Charles Abel and announced that the handover takeover will be done tomorrow (Wednesday).

Quintina Naime