Three PNGDF officers receive promotions

The Papua New Guinea Defence Force held a promotional ceremony to three PNGDF Officers this morning at the Officers Mess at Murray Barracks.

Major Ivan Timo, Major Raphael Yapu and Lieutenant Robin Gaius were promoted to their new roles in the force as Lieutenant Colonels and Lieutenant Commander by the Acting Chief of Staff Colonel Jeremy Ramsden. 

Col Ramsden says promotions such as this are very important because it recognises the individual’s confidence, fairness and long hours of work over a long period of time. It also recognises most importantly and should never forget that support that they get from their partners and wives as individuals to fulfill our obligations and responsibilities.

He says that there is also has a significant responsibility attached to it regardless of title and background, they all embody the organisation and at whatever level they are in, they have a responsibility to fulfill their leadership roles and duties to the best of their abilities.

He added that in doing so, they have an impact on their team and the people around them and they play their part in taking the organisation forward whether it’s within the organisation or the wider community.

He challenged the three officers to fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their ability and diligently adding that promotions don’t come lightly and wished them all the best to the officers as they undertake their new roles in the force.


Annette Kora