Three arrested over allegations of stealing by false pretense

East New Britain Police arrested three suspects allegedly for falsely using la KUUK clan member’s names to obtain royalties payments of K15,600 from Agmark NGIP Limited.

The suspects Laitia Inara, Ben Temean and Meriam Temean all from East New Britain Province were alleged to have falsely used la KUUK clan member’s names to obtain royalty payment amounting to K15,600 from the Agmark NGIP Limited. The financial statement from Agmark NGIP Limited produced confirms the stated amount of money was paid to these suspects.

Complainants Nancy Nela and Steven Mari after scrolling through the financial statement produced by Agmark NGIP limited claimed that the amount of money was allegedly paid to Laitia Inara, Ben Temean and Meriam Temean when they are not legally member of the group.

Police swiftly acted upon this reliable source and arrested the suspects, charged and detained them in the Kokopo cell now awaiting their court appearance.

While on Saturday March 13, 2016 during the early hours at Lorengau Enterprise Ltd, some unknown suspects armed with bush knives and unidentified rifles walked into the store with mask and held up the staffs with the customers and stole K48,500 in cash plus goods totaling of K71,752 from the shop.

Police acted swiftly and arrested one suspect who is now detained at the Lorengau Police cell awaiting his court appearance. The other are still at large but Manus Police expects to capture all of them.

Press Release