Think of us, Governor tells Govt, investors

Madang Provincial Government has been a spectator in all huge investments in the province, Governor Jim Kas says.

The provincial governor threw the challenge to the National Government and Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) project investors to consult his office for input. "

“We have not gained from previous investments," Kas said at the PMIZ launching yesterday in Madang.

He said that "PMIZ will trigger economic development (and) the thoughts of the provincial government and impacted communities must be considered."

Currently Madang Province collects K20 million annually as revenue within the province and it’s expected to triple that when the PMIZ project starts operating.

Meanwhile, the president of China Shenyang International Technical Economic Corporation, Tang Lezhen the company contracted to build the project, said the project will be built on schedule and in line with the country's law.

She added that scientific research will be carried out when doing feasibility studies in line with environment protection.

Lezhen added "the project once completed will be of high quality and will create more economic benefits for the country." 

Charles Yapumi