There is no way we will not be Games ready: Tkatchenko

Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko is urging all media to practice maturity when reporting, especially on preparations for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

"National Government committed to this world sporting event and there is no way we will not be Games ready,” says Tkatchenko.

“There are dedicated Papua New Guineans out at the venues doing their bit every day and night to ensure that the world does come to our shores in November for Women’s World Cup.

“The least any opinionated individual can do is support the efforts of his countrymen and women out at the venues. These men and women do what they do because they are proud to have the opportunity to play their part in making this Games a success and ensure that the world come to us.”

The Sports Minister says the media has a job to do, but there is no need to downplay the efforts of these hardworking men and women trying to make it work.

Minister Tkatchenko is confident that progress to date has been remarkable at the sites.

"The National Football Stadium and Sir John Guise Main Stadium are in perfect condition and the two new mini-stadiums at Bisini and Sir John Guise are well on target.

“Our biggest concern earlier on with regard to the grass and playing surface at the new mini-stadiums have been put to rest, now that the grass has grown and the treatment process is underway.”

He says the main structures of both mini-stadiums are up, and only awaiting final inspections prior to the installation of seats.

The upgraded practice fields at various schools and institutions have also seen exceptional results with the installation of very particular irrigation systems and treatment.

"Considering the very articulate specifications of FIFA for venues and facilities, our team has done well to have reached this stage.

“We will be Games ready,” Tkatchenko adds.

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