TFS disbanding review set for hearing

A judicial review into the disbanding of the Task Force sweep team in 2014 has been set for hearing on October 20 before the Waigani National Court.

Parties involved in the proceeding appeared before Justice Collin Makail today for a status conference where the date was set.

The trial is expected to be done by way of affidavit on Thursday, Oct 20 at 1:30 and parties are expected to file and serve submissions by Oct 17.

A motion by the former Police Commissioner’s lawyer, Nicholas Tame that was filed on March 9 seeking to restrain Koim’s lawyer’s engagement was struck out by Justice Makail for want of prosecution.

Another motion filed by the Prime Minister’s lawyers filed on March 2 that was seeking summary dismissal of the judicial review proceeding was withdrawn upon request of the lawyers.

This trial has been deferred since March this year due to preliminary issues that arose.  

The TFS team was disbanded in an NEC decision in 2014, however that has been stayed by the National Court pending the outcome of this very Judicial Review proceeding that has been in court for the past two years.


(Pictured is Chairman of the Task Force sweep team Sam Koim, Matthew Damaru of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption office and his other officers after court today. Loop PNG picture by Kennedy Bani.)


Sally Pokiton