Testicles allegedly cut off during argument

A man facing a charge of causing grievous bodily harm needs help in understanding his police investigation files because he is illiterate.

From Enga province, Thomas Warepa appeared at the Waigani District Court on Friday where a ruling was supposed to be handed down.

That ruling did not take place because Warepa is illiterate and cannot read nor understand his case files.

Warepa was arrested and has been in court over allegations he attacked another man and cut off his testicles.

"Your case is an unusual one. You had an issue with another man, you grabbed his testicles and broke them. You caused grievous bodily harm to this man," Magistrate Cosmas Bidar told him.

Despite the nature of his case, Magistrate Bidar allowed an adjournment of his case to Oct 14.

"Court will go through your files and see where your case goes but you must find a lawyer to help you understand your files,” he told Warepa.

Warepa told the court that despite being given his files, he needed help reading it to understand what police found against him.

Sally Pokiton