Telikom union calls for dialogue

PNG Communication Workers Union president Nug Mamtirim is calling on the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations to summon the Telikom management to a round-table discussion.

The Workers Union is in disagreement with its management in its plan to introduce the ‘spill and fill’ concept, which is a new employment policy for the state-owned communication company.

“Main target for ‘spill and fill’ is to recruit young graduates and make redundant many experienced Telikom employees,” claimed Mamtirim.     

“The Telikom management only attended one sitting from the three endorsed by the labour office.

 “The compulsory conference is temporarily on hold.

 “The management only attended the 7 December compulsory conference, but failed to turn up on the 9th  and 29th  December.”    

Mamtirim added that ‘spill and fill concept’ is against the Enterprise Base Agreement (EBA) policy of 2010 and it is a civil matter that is why the union’s lawyer had withdrawn its court proceeding against Telikom management Dec 9.

The union president claimed that the management declined to attend claiming that the matter is before the courts.

Picture source: File pictures of the sit in protest by Telikom staffs last year.


Charles Yapumi