Tech problems blamed for teacher pay woes

The Acting Secretary for Education, Dr Uke Kombra has advised that technical problems with the Alesco HRIS have affected the processing of salaries for teachers nationwide and the public servants paid under the Education Payroll.

“The Alesco HRIS went down on February 6 and since then our Payroll Division has been working around the clock and in close consultation with the Department of Finance Payroll Support Division in an effort to rectify the problem in time to process the salaries but that has not been possible,” said Kombra.

 Kombra added that instead of letting public servants and teachers go without pay, the Payroll Division has processed the salaries manually and submitted the payroll files to the Department of Finance to send to the commercial banks.

“The latest is Friday (tomorrow) for our public servants and teachers to get paid,”  Kombra said.

It is regrettable that a small number of teachers and public servants who receive their pays through cheque will not be paid this payday until the system is restored.

Press Release