Teachers cannot be denied their entitlements

The Teaching Service Commission (TSC) is appealing to all provincial administrations to pay all teachers’ leave entitlements at the end of the year.

TSC commissioner operations, Samson Wangihomie, says teachers cannot be denied their entitlements and must be paid accordingly.

He said there are already concerns that they may not be paid in full, or get paid at all.

“Commissioner and I were sharing about one province, name withheld, where the provincial administrator said they were going to suspend leave fares this year and we are saying no, it is their entitlement, you pay it to the them when they are entitled,” says Wangihomie.

The issue of teachers’ leave entitlements is a long standing one as many teachers have experienced cut backs or often go without entitlements.

The TSC says teachers deserve a break and must be paid what they are owed.

“So our appeal to the provinces is that when leave fares are due, have the leave entitlements paid and let them go home for Christmas which they have worked hard to earn,” said Wangihomie.

In October during World Teachers Day celebrations, the Government was urged to prioritise the welfare of the teachers and address many outstanding issues.

These include the teaching system, registration, inspection, refreshers, appointment, salaries, entitlements and retirements.

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Cedric Patjole