TC Winston picks up in Suva

Papua New Guineans living in Fiji have been advised to stock up on food and water and other essentials in preparation for the full brunt of TC Winston, which is expected to make landfall tomorrow.

Papua New Guinean, Joey Tau told LOOP PNG an email was sent out this week by the PNG High Commission office in Suva to all PNG nationals.

Tau has stocked up on water, canned food, batteries and biscuits and says his house is secured at the moment.

A short while ago he told LOOP the winds have started and is now causing significant damage in the capital, Suva.

Residents have been told not to drive at this time and to a observe a curfew as that country braces for the full brunt of Winston.

"It's scary. It sounds like a jet engine from where I am," he said. 

Titi Gabi