Taurama locals clean up mangroves at Tuna Bay

Locals living in Tuna Bay at Taurama joined PNG Defence Force soldiers and officers from Coastal Fisheries Development Agency (CFDA) today to clean up the mangrove habitat in the area.

Close to 100 people were involved in the first ever National Capital District Mangrove Cleanup Campaign Program today (Saturday 7 November).

The program was initiated by CFDA in partnership with the Office of Climate Change and Development (OCCD), NCDC Waste Management, University of PNG and Nambawan Super.

The participants picked up plastic bags and any non-biodegradable materials in the 5 hectares of mangrove environment.

The aim of  the campaign program is to inform the local communities about the bio diversity of the mangrove habitat environment.

OCCD’s  Paul Kandu explained that the campaign is the first stage of the program and rehabilitation will be done once a scientific study is carried out.

Replanting of the mangroves will be done during the rehabilitation stage in about four months.

“By carrying out the program we want to encourage the locals to stop cutting mangroves and make them responsible by not littering the habitat as the rubbish is suffocating the mangroves,” said Kandu.  

Before the cleanup, awareness was carried out in small groups within the community and village.

OCCD officers educated the people on the importance of mangroves while NCDC Waste Management spoke about waste education.

Nambawan Super gave a talk on the  effects on mangroves which are caused by human interference.

Human interference caused by social pressures and one of which is financial pressure where Nambawan Super comes into addressing financial pressure.

Quintina Naime