Talks on Medical and Health Sciences University underway

Talks for the establishment of the new PNG Medical and Health Sciences University are underway.

PNG National Doctors Association (NDA) have petitioned the Government to convert the University of PNG’s School of Medical Health Science (SMHS) Taurama Campus into a stand-alone university.

PNG NDA president Dr James Naipao said this will come to fulfillment and they’re proud of this achievement.

Naipao had informed Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and the Government for the need to rejuvenate the SMHS with its own funding and make it into a stand-alone medical university.

Naipao confirmed earlier this week that the Prime Minister will bring the submission to the National Executive Council for endorsement with the Office of Higher Education supporting this move.

He said that with the establishment of the stand-alone university, the country will soon see an increase of graduate doctors in the medical field  each year. 

Quintina Naime