Supermodel Tyra Banks talks lesson in "Flawsome"

We all can't be a supermodel mogul like Tyra Banks—but we can look like it!

We sat down with the beauty to discuss how everyone can look just as fierce as a top model...without a TV production crew behind them. It may or may not include using some of her Tyra Beauty products but definitely requires embracing what your mama gave ya. Keep reading to find out Tyra's thoughts on how social media has changed the modeling game, what the new "smize" is and so much more. 

What current beauty trends do you love? 
I'm all about embracing what I like to call your "flawsome" features. You don't need layers of foundation. Let those freckles shine through and embrace that gap tooth! Also, I'm loving people's fearless use of color, whether in their hair or on their brows. Makeup is meant to enhance your looks, but it's also meant to be fun! That look may not be for me, but people should be able to express themselves through makeup in any way they want.

What's the new "Smize"? 
"Smize" is one of a kind…but if I had to choose a look that comes close, I would have to say the "pout." Everywhere you look, whether on Instagram or Snapchat, people are puckering up! And I'll admit, I push dem' lips out once and while too.

How has the modeling world changed? 
Social media has completely changed the game. I created America's Next Top Model to broaden the search for amazing talent that would have, potentially, gone undiscovered. Now with social media, everyone has a platform to share "Smize-worthy" photos. It's become a lot easier to share and be discovered, but with that, comes even more fierce competition.

What's one beauty product you never leave the house without? 
Mascara, specifically my B.I.G. Lashes Silk Extensions System (it's a must-have). Being a busy, working mom, I don't get as much sleep as I used to. With B.I.G., I can whip it out of my bag and create huge lashes that make me look more rested and awake, even if the struggle is real that day. I'm also obsessed with my new brow product – Brow. Set. Match. Brows frame your face and give you a finished look without much effort.

Why did you create Tyra Beauty?
I've always loved makeup, and I've said it before so I'll say it again, I do not wake up looking all glam. It could take (and sometimes has taken) a village to get cheekbones, a smoky eye and luscious lashes...but it doesn't have to. I created this line of products to give the power of transformation to everyone, in a really approachable and accessible way. Nobody has time for intimidating and complicated. People want fun, fast and fierce.

How hands-on were you with the formulas and the production?
Up to my elbows in color swatches-hands-on! I visited the labs, tried thousands of products, made hundreds of tweaks. Every single product was tested by me, multiple times. From the blue-sky phase all the way through to the final checks before we hit go. There is not a single product launched that I have not spent hours personally trying, tweaking and ultimately approving!

Why the cheeky product names?
Part of being accessible and approachable is not taking ourselves too seriously. Makeup can be intimidating, complicated and intense. We love to just call it like it is…keep it real and have fun with it. If you can't laugh at it, what's the point!

What, from the collection, is your personal favourite and why?
The 5 Minute TYover. It contains Sculpt In A Stick (contour), Light In A Stick (highlighter),Cheek In A Stick (blush), Smack My Fat Lash (mascara) and Eyes In A Stick (eye shadow). None of these products require a brush, so it makes the perfect on-the-go kit that can transform your face in just five minutes—using only your fingers.

Are there any new products (or projects) you're working on now that we can start looking forward to?
Oh, yes. I am so excited for the fall, y'all! Not only do we have some long-time-coming products in the beauty category, but we also have an entirely new category that's being previewed at our national conference in August! I am so excited because our Beautytainers (what we call our sales team) and our customers will finally start to see a bigger part of my ultimate vision for this company!


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