Students warned against committing crime

A National Court judge has warned students in a Secondary school against committing crime that is normally committed by adults.

Year 12 legal studies students of Mainohana Catholic Secondary school in Bereina, Central Province were issued the warning by Criminal judge of 16 years, Justice Panuel Mogish. 

Justice Mogish warned the students against drinking and cult activities and also committing crimes that are normally committed by adults during the court user forum in the station on Friday.

“It’s a time for you to reflect. If you commit a crime that is normally committed by an adult (murder, armed robbery and rape) I will send you away. Do not commit crime,” he told the 34 pupils in front of their teacher and the community in Bereina.

Students and locals in the area also used the opportunity during the court-user forum to ask the judge questions relating to legal studies.

They also interacted with lawyers from the Public Prosecutors office and the Public Solicitors office.

Speaking to the media after the forum, Justice Mogish said talking to students is one way of sustaining law and order in the country. 

“I believe that to sustain law and order in this country, we need to talk to students. Unfortunately some of them do not have the materials (legal documents for legal studies) to support them and we have, as a team, agreed to collect some of the basic materials to deliver to the schools.  So the court-user forum also has good outcomes,” he said.

Picture: Lawyers Mercy Tamate (left from Public Prosecutors office) and Lesley Dickson (right from Public Solicitors office) talking to students on Friday.)

Sally Pokiton