Students told to respect and value education

Students at remote Upper Bundi, at the foothills of Mt. Wilhelm in Chimbu Province, have been encouraged to respect and value their education.

During a presentation of 3000 library books recently to eight schools in the area, Digicel PNG Foundation Men of Honour Vincent Kumura told the students about the importance of reading and education.

Kumura highlighted the need for the youths, parents and the community to partner in fighting careless and violent behaviours such as vandalising school properties and disrespecting teachers.

“The goal is to promote a safer and violent free community where teachers would teach uninterrupted, students could learn well and be better citizens of tomorrow.

“Like many others, I strongly believe that the foundation of our children’s education is very important and therefore, we have to start them in the right direction.

“Unfortunately, like many rural places in PNG, the schools in the back pages are disadvantaged with regard to better educational facilities and materials that would enhance learning,” Kumura said.


Quintina Naime