Students defied police warning due to time factor

University students conducting awareness at Eastern Highlands Province did not pay attention to police warning because they are running out of time in addressing a national issue.

EHP provincial police commander Alex N’Drasal would not allow the University of Technology and University of Goroka students conduct their awareness due the death of UOG acting vice-chancellor Dr John Kola.

This was what Unitech SRC committee deputy chairman and Eastern Highlands student leader, Livingstone Fontenu, told Loop PNG today.

“Almost 3000-4000 people turned up at our first forum in Goroka,” Fontenu said.

“Half-way during the forum, four police vehicles drove down to the area but sensing the overwhelming support from the public, and that their interference would only result in chaos, they drove past us.”

According to an article in one of the dailies last week, N’Drasal said his policemen are “now hunting for the ringleaders” because the students defied his warning.

The students have been conducting awareness on the reasons why they are boycotting classes and calling on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to step aside. Apart from the mismanagement of this country’s economy, the students are claiming that O’Neill is the first PM in PNG to have numerous allegations leveled against him.

“The founders of our nation like Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, Sir Julius Chan and Paias Wingti once had accusations laid against them. But as true statesmen, who have respect for the rule of law and respect of public opinion, stepped aside to prove their innocence,” said Unitech student leaders.

(University students addressing the crowd at Henganofi station, Eastern Highlands Province, last Thursday. Picture: Elton Namaro)

Carmella Gware