Students appeal to provincial leaders to assist their ‘friends’

Students from the Central Province attending the PNG University of Technology in Lae have appealed to provincial leaders in the Southern Region to assist their fellow students.

Fire  burnt down  the SRC president's residence, DODL and ATCDI buildings and the mess and a student was killed during the arson on Saturday night.

All students were asked to vacate the Unitech campus as the mess was burnt down.

The 72 Central students were privileged to return home safety today with their air fares fully sponsored by the Central Provincial Government.

Student representative Norman Bogana said they were grateful to return home but they’re sad to leave their fellow students behind.

Bogana said it is unfortunate that their colleagues from the Western, Milne Bay, Oro and Gulf are left behind as they’ve all been together during this crises and arson on campus.

Bogana called on the respective provincial governments to assist them.

“Your students are still on campus at this time and we’re appealing to the provincial governments to please assist them so they can be safe.

“The majority of them are stranded on campus surrounded by the chaotic environment as they have nowhere to go.

“Currently the situation is tense so if it’s possible can you please urgently help them find safety. 

“They are our colleagues and friends and we don’t want to leave them behind,” he said on arrival.

He described the current situation on ground as frightening, disturbing and very difficult to move around because there’re some students carrying bush knives around campus and it was very tense.

He said that students from the Southern Region don’t experience this type of violence and  were terrified.

No date has been set as yet for the resumption of classes.

Quintina Naime