Student leaders claim to be permanently excluded from UPNG

Three female student leaders have reportedly been permanently excluded from the University of Papua New Guinea.

One of the students told Loop PNG that they received their letters from acting pro vice-chancellor, Professor Mange Matui, through their respective school offices on Sunday.

“We went to register and found the letter waiting for us. We have been given two weeks to appeal the decision.”

In the letter, Professor Matui said: “The University of Papua New Guinea administration has credible evidence that, in your capacity as the SRC member of 2016, you have been involved in the 2016 May to July student unrest and boycott”.

The letter alleged that the student’s involvement “resulted in the shooting and injuring of students by police and the destruction of the University properties worth thousands of Kina”.

“Based on the reports I have received, and after careful considerations of relevant evidences and circumstances, you have breached all laws of Papua New Guinea, including the Criminal Code Act and the Summary Offences Act,” said Professor Matui.

“By virtue of the disciplinary powers bestowed on me by section 7 of the Student Discipline Statute Ch. 169, and acting in accordance with the powers granted under section 5 (3)(b)(i) of the Student Discipline Statute Ch. 169, you are hereby excluded permanently from the University of Papua New Guinea.”

Acting chancellor Dr Nicholas Mann would not verify the reports. However, he said: “You have to understand that there were laws broken, generally”.

“If there are laws broken then there are authorities that deal with the law, called police.”

More members of the Student Representative Council are expected to receive their letters this week, when registering to resume their studies.

Carmella Gware