Student death probe: Soldiers stay quiet, stalling progress

The PNGDF Commander Gilbert Toropo admits that the soldiers charged so far in the Jeremiah Yinu murder case are not willing to divulge the names of other soldiers who were part of their rampage in July.

Toropo says that while the legal process is now in full swing with the soldiers who have been handed over, no other names or identities have been forthcoming.

He says that while witnesses allege that there were a big number of soldiers who fought, until such time as actual evidence is given in with positive identification, the army will not make any more arrests or detainment.

Commander Toropo says that while the death of 17 year old Jeremiah Yinu is unfortunate,  his investigators are trying to get concrete identification of the other soldiers involved in the case.

He says that the PNGDF is adamant that all soldiers involved in this case will be dealt with under both civilian and military law.

Toropo says that despite the halt, investigations are still going on and assures that all is being done to ensure justice will be carried out with regards to the death of Jeremiah.

Julianna Waeda