Strong winds continue throughout PNG

People living along the coast of Papua New Guinea are warned to avoid going out to sea following a renewal strong wind warning from the weather office today (Sunday 14 Feb).

Forecaster Charlie Vulum issued the warning this morning for all coastal waters of southern PNG/Indonesian border through to Torres Strait and Daru to Kiwai Island.

Warning is issued also to people along the coast of Milne Bay to Finschhafen through Vitiaz Strait and Siassi Island to Long Island to Madang and Bogia.

This includes all coastal waters of New Guinea Islands Region except for Manus and northern New Island.

The weather office reports that the strong winds as well as a rain band lying from Milne Bay to northern PNG with showers and isolated thunderstorms elsewhere is a result of tropical cyclones Tatiana and Winston.

Cyclone Tatiana is currently affecting southern Queensland while cyclone Winston has moved away from Vanuatu but it now looks like it will curve back up towards Fiji.

As a result, strong northwest surge of 25/34 knots are expected to continue for the next 24 hours causing rough seas and high wind waves.

All small crafts and boats are adviced to take necessary precautions before going out to sea.

Quintina Naime