Stem cell therapy an alternative medical marvel

Unheard of in Papua New Guinea is a new and emerging health therapy known as “Stem cell and regenerative medical therapy”, which is already creating a niche here.

Papua New Guineans are used to hearing about chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat cancers. We are used to being treated with conventional modern medicines (drugs) such as chloramphenicol, amoxicillin, indomethacin, daonil, metformin, analprin and many more.

“These chemicals and the virtue of them being chemicals can cause toxicity (poison) to cells, therefore doctors prescribe these drugs within safe dose ranges.”

However, stem cell therapy is a new and emerging field of medicine in the world today. It is the outcome of millions of dollars in scientific research complemented with the application of latest technology to produce oral capsules.

What is indeed exciting is that stem cell therapy has unlimited potentials to treat almost all diseases and medical conditions of all mankind.

A proponent of this stem cell and regenerative cell therapy is Dr Samuel Maima from Chuave in Chimbu Province.

Maima, who holds a Masters in Biology and Biochemistry from the University of Newcastle, Sydney, Australia, has spent 17 years specialising in stem cell and regenerative medicine.

Maima, who is CEO of Medline Pacific, says it is the first health practice in the country that is providing an alternative approach to treating diseases.

Maima is also a qualified obstetrician and gynaecologist. He has treated patients over the past two years with his stem cell and regenerative therapy.

“We have been treating chronic diseases such as complicated diabetes, hypertension, stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, heart blockage, AIDS, TB, inborn error of metabolism, obesity, cancer, kidney failures, diabetic blindness, chronic arthritis, asthma, erection dysfunction, premature ejaculation, pre-menopause or post-menopause syndromes, pre-menstrual, intra-menstrual or post menstrual syndromes and other chronic medical conditions and diseases with this one therapy, and the clinical outcomes to date have been quite amazingly phenomenal.”

He gave an example of a diabetic who was blind for some time but had now regained his vision. A patient who had a stroke can now effectively walk again, all through the application of stem cell and regenerative cell therapy.

In a statement, Maima said even an AIDS patient can now regain his or her normal physicality and health.

While all this sounds exciting, stem cell therapy is not free. Patients to Medline Pacific have to pay for the capsules which are prescribed for the diseases.

“As a doctor, three years ago I did not think these were possible but now my perception of modern medicine has changed with my specialisation and involvement in stem cell and regenerative medical clinical and scientific research,” Maima said.

Those who want to know more can attend his seminars on stem cell therapy at Taste of Asia Restaurant, opposite Gordon Police Station. The seminars are hosted every Saturdays at 11am to 2pm and from Sunday 9am to 11am, to facilitate self-learning and understanding in stem cell and regenerative medicine.

You can also call Dr Maima on 7536 7630 or 72525608 to register for the seminar.

(A presentation about stem cell therapy during a seminar at Gordon’s in Port Moresby.)  

Alfred Kaniniba