Stay on dismissal a first for PNG says top cop

Commissioner of Police Gari Baki today declared a court decision on the dismissal of two senior officers was “the first time in my 41 years in the Police Force’’ that a court had stayed the Commissioner’s decision on police dismissals.

He said this in reference to the court granting stay orders on the dismissals of  senior officers Thomas Eluh and Timothy Gitua.

Their lawyers obtained a stay from the National Court today after parties agreed to the stay until the matter returns to court on October 21 for full hearing.

Today’s ruling is believed to mean that the two officers termination cannot be enforced  until at least October 21 or when the stay order is removed by the court.

Mr Baki said outside court later that Section 27 of the Police Force Act 1998, states that the Commissioner's decision in respect to the finding of guilt and in respect to penalty for serious disciplinary charges is final.

He said he respected the court’s decision.

Mr Baki said he would seek legal advice to appeal the granting of the court’s stay order.

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