'Star Trek’'s Idris Elba brings his personal style to Superdry

British actor Idris Elba is known for posing a polished figure on and off the red carpet.

In fact, his tailored look burnishes the swirling rumours of being considered for the next James Bond. In the meantime, Elba’s style shines through his premium menswear collection with British lifestyle brand Superdry.

Now in its second season, Elba’s line launched in November 2015 in the U.K. This month marks the U.S. launch at the new flagship store in New York City’s Herald Square.

“Over the last four or five years, what I’ve worn on the carpets, my personal style was always commented on,” Elba said. “I’m not a fashion designer, but I certainly feel there’s a side of me that can be influential in fashion.”

The collaboration kicked off after Superdry executives noticed Elba shopping in their flagship London store while also sporting the brand. Within two weeks, “(Elba) was designing the range; he was in the office; he was causing chaos because all the women in the office wanted to come to the design studio,” said Euan Sutherland, Superdry CEO.

Elba holds a three-year contract with the company where he will design new spring-summer and autumn-winter seasonal collections each year.

Elba, 43, focused on functionality when designing with co-founder and creative design director James Holder. His aim was to design for males of every age and style appropriate for every hour.

“Some men tend to not know what to wear. And they sometimes tend to be intimidated by someone who’s really well dressed because they can’t wear it the same way,” Elba noted. “I thought if I could offer the everyman something that could be seen on me, it might be a good thing.”

Elba noted that the inspiration behind his designs derives from his long 18-hour days juggling multiple career pursuits – or what he calls “24-hour business.” Last week, he was nominated for his fifth Emmy for his titular part in Luther, a role he won a Golden Globe for in 2012.

Star Trek Beyond, in which he plays the villain Krall, will premiere in theaters this Friday (July 22). This summer, he continues his DJ project Hiatus, and he’s gearing up to direct his first film Yardie later this year.

“I want to have clothing where I don’t feel out of place in the morning and I’m still wearing it at night for dinner,” Elba said, who described his personal style as easy, comfortable, relaxed – yet still tailored down.

Unlike many graphic and branded Superdry products, Elba’s line includes stripped-back branding and subtle logos – a sophisticated simplicity. His range includes suede jackets, lightweight zip hoodies, bold-print shorts, soft t-shirts, and it now even includes travel bags, hats, belts, and laptop cases following the palette of warm grey, cobalt blue, bright maroon, and darker colors. Prices range from $30 to the mid-hundreds.

Elba’s leather racer jacket, at $589.50, is the most expensive item in the entirety of Superdry, but it remains a best-selling product for the company.

Over the past year (52 weeks ending in April 2016), Superdry’s 21.3% increase in revenue (up to £590.1 million or roughly $783 million) has largely been boosted by Elba’s premium line, according to the company’s annual financial report.