SP Brewery launches new tavern at Nine-Mile

Grassroots consumers of beer can now drink responsibly and sensibly at a conducive outdoor environment with the launch of a new settlement tavern at Nine-Mile just out of Port Moresby.

The tavern comes under SP Brewery’s Settlement Tavern Project aimed at  alleviating social problems associated with alcohol like drinking in public places and disturbing the peace in the community.

The project aims to roll out 20 taverns throughout the country with three taverns already set up at Gaire in Central Province, Baruni in the National Capital District and Nine-Mile Settlement.

Part of the settlement tavern package is a 20 foot container equipped with some coolers, a generator, two dart boards, a TV screen and a playbox.

SP Brewery corporate relations manager John Nilkare said during the launch that they want to create a relaxing environment where people can drink sensibly and responsibly.

Nilkare said this initiative came about as a result of what we see happening in the market place especially in the settlement areas where there’s a lot of drinking in public places.

He said to date, due to limited resources, liquor licensing and police have had a difficult time controlling both the resellers and consumers.

Prohibition of beer sales only leads to the production and consumption of less regulated, highly health damaging substances such as homebrew and marijuana.

“We want to provide avenues of alleviating this problem in the communities.

“This licensed enclosed premise is where consumers can come in at a safe secure environment without breaking any laws like drinking in public places,” Nilkare said.

The owners at the operational Gaire and Baruni taverns say their taverns are operating well beyond their expectations and the customers are being responsible and people have a sense of appreciation.

The Settlement Tavern Project is restricted to only Papua New Guineans and those interested can apply.

Quintina Naime