SMEs entrusted with the role of providing jobs

The East New Britain Provincial Government does not want its Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) segment to limit its potential of becoming greater.

This is because it is heavily dependent on its entrepreneurs in the province to provide the targeted number of jobs that it aims to achieve in 2030.

“Apart from the National SME Policy, ENB has a draft SME Policy that awaits endorsement,” said Henry Tavul, the Advisor of Commerce to the ENB Provincial Government.

Tavul stated that there are also workshops and trainings that are being conducted, one of which is the financial literacy training that was rolled out to educate locals on basics such as cash management, savings and budgeting.

“The financial literacy training complements the Government’s programs,” added Tavul.

Tavul was presenting during yesterday’s Bank South Pacific road show.

To end his presentation, he reiterated that all efforts in promoting the SME segment were to ensure that despite the natural disasters or political turmoil, locals can still be able to grow the economy of the province.

Fiona Silo