Six dead following nasty accident in Arawa

SIX people are now dead and three hospitalised after two cars collided head on at the Arawa/Tunuru road on Saturday morning.

 It has been described as one of the most horrific accidents in central Bougainville history where six people, five male and one female have died. It was a very sad day for the residents of Arawa town on Saturday because the ones who died were known to many.

Eye witnesses told Loop PNG that all deceased were alleged to have been under the influence of alcohol   and were travelling at high speed. The eye witnesses said  the car they were travelling in was trying to overtake another vehicle  at a corner when they  collided with the other  on-coming vehicle that was travelling in the opposite direction.

An eye witness who wishes to remain anonymous said they never realised another car was coming in the opposite direction and it was just too late to do anything.

“All who died were in their 30’s and 20’s, it was such a tragic loss of life due to carelessness when under the influence of liquor, five male and one female,” he said. 

“A crowbar was used to take the bodies out because the car was  totally crushed.”

 “It was later torched,” he said. 

Due to the impact when they collided with the other car, the lone female that was sitting at the back was thrown out of the vehicle, but was saved when she landed on soft undergrowth which was  part of  swamp soil.

“This accident happened right in front of us and what I am saying here is the real fact, it’s just a result of careless driving,”  the eyewitness  said.

“We sympathise and we’re also mourning with the relatives of those that perished we do not want this kind to happen again,” he said.

Picture:  The burned out remains of what is left of the car after bodies were pulled out.

Peterson Tseraha