Sirinumu water level at critical stage

The water level at Sirinumu dam is dropping nearing a critical stage and people are urged to manage water and power usage.

PNG Power Ltd (PPL) the owner of the dam in a statement advised the public in Port Moresby and parts of Central Province to be serious with electricity and water saving methods.

This due to the decreasing water levels at the Sirinumu Dam reservoir.

“As of Monday February 29, the volume of water at the dam is 99.16 Million Cubic Metres (Mm3), which is 29.14% below full spill level.

The Sirinumu Dam was designed to hold 340 Mm3 of water.

The dam water level has dropped by 1.04 Mm3 in the space of 7 days.

The weather office reports that rain continues throughout the country but with below average rainfall expected over the south coast of the country affecting Sirinumu Dam.

Weather office boss Samuel Maiha said previously that there’ll be some increase in rainfall and subsequently also in the water levels at Sirinumu.

But he raised concern as to how much and for how long that will last the city and said water authorities need to be concerned about and come up with appropriate strategies to navigate the situation.

Picture:  File Picture of Sirinumu dam captured in December 2015.         

Quintina Naime