Sir Michael farewells founding mother of Pangu Pati

East Sepik Governor and the founding leader of the Pangu Pati, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare has expressed great sorrow at the passing of the late Lady Elizabeth Kiki.

He described her as a mother and guardian of Pangu Pati.

Sir Michael and his wife, Lady Veronica, attended the requiem mass at the Saint Joseph’s Church at Boroko today.

He said, “the late Lady Elizabeth was a pillar of support for her late husband’s cause to achieve self determination for the people of Papua and New Guinea.

“We were fragmented and not a united people in those years. But our common goal of self- determination brought people like the late Albert Maori Kiki, Cecil Abel, Paliau Maluat and me, together with Sir Pita Lus and others.

“We would meet regularly at the Abel home for meetings and coming in from Wewak, Veronica and I would always have a place to stay at the Kiki home in Hohola.

Sir Michael said late Elizabeth played her part in the cause and together with the late Lady Semi Abel, would constantly prepare meals for them while they had their meetings.

“When the late Albert Maori Kiki was put under house arrest for having political ambitions by the colonial administration, Elizabeth left her nursing job to be close to her husband and give him the support he needed.

It was a tremendous endevour to carry a disunited country through a political process that would define our destiny,” Sir Michael recalled.

“The late Elizabeth was always clear in her ideas and voiced them.  We, who were around her were aware of her strength and respected her wisdom. Whilst Albert would make us laugh, Elizabeth was not so jovial and was firm in her resolve on issues that needed serious discussion.

“I salute her today as a mother and guardian of Pangu Pati and a true believer in the movement towards nationhood for the people of Papua New Guinea.

“Thank you Lady Elizabeth, May you rest in eternal Peace.”

Freddy Mou