Services must flow says Tato, the court reinstated EHP Administrator

Supreme Court reinstated Provincial Administrator of Eastern Highlands Province Solomon Tato today issued a call to leaders in the province to work together and deliver services to the people.

Speaking outside the court house to his supports, Tato said services in the province must flow and leaders must come out and work together despite the outcome of the court.

“Let the court deal with the case already before it, the people and services are more important. Service must flow,” he told them.

Tato was reinstated by the Supreme Court on Feb 15 as the Provincial Administrator after the Goroka District Court dismissed allegations of misconduct against him.

However, on March 14, his case was elected by the Public Prosecutor for trial through an ex-officio indictment. The indictment is yet to be served to Tato.

On April 1, Alwin Inammoi was appointed the acting Provincial Administrator, an action that was seen to have breached an order of the Supreme Court dated Feb 15.

Parties will return next Monday before the Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia where parties who were seen to be in contempt will be served notices by the Registrar.

Meanwhile the Substantive appeal before the full bench of the Supreme Court will return to court at a later date after the issue of contempt is dealt with.

(Caption: Tato talking to his supporters today outside the Waigani Court house.)

Sally Pokiton