Senior magistrates call it a day

The Magisterial Services yesterday (Oct 30) fare welled four of its senior principal magistrates after 40 years of distinguished service.

Retiring principal magistrates Stephen Oli, Regget Marum, Kewei Kawi’iu and Seri Seneka have served a total of 160 years of experience in total between them (40 years each).

Through their 40 years of service, they have served at various postings around the country as well as Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

Today their wives and families were also acknowledged for years of selfless dedication and commitment for the years of supporting the magistrates in their years of distinguished service.

Chief Magistrate Nerrie Eliakim described the event as a sad day for the Magisterial Services but at the same time said their retirement would enable the opportunity for young magistrates to move up.

She said their retirement is a time of celebration as they move on to greener pastures.

“They have served the people of the country with grace and dignity,” she said.

Magistrate Stephen Oli thanked his wife who had “been labouring for the past 40 years” while Magistrate Regget Marum said being a magistrate was not an easy task.

Marum has gone from the village, Land, District and Grade 5 Court to the National Court and the Appeal Court in Vanuatu in the last 40 years.

“I’ve found that the only way to get me up there is honesty. I fear honesty all the time. It is the fear of honesty to provide real justice to the people. Through doing the right thing I am protected,” he said.

Secretary of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General Dr Lawrence Kalinoe through a text message thanked the four magistrates for the delivery of judicial services to the people.

Sally Pokiton