Selena Gomez reaches out to fan about cyberbullying

Selena Gomez is taking initiative when it comes to reaching out to her fans and staying on top of gossip.

The "Same Old Love" singer has faced a lot of scrutiny over the past year about her weight gain, but she has come out of it stronger than ever. With some newfound confidence, Selena is also helping her fans deal with cyberbullying. In an Instagram photo that has since been deleted, Gomez took a picture of her own comments section where she reached out to a fan who must have been dealing with some bullies on the Internet.

"Good. Don't. It's apart of growing and being strong," Selena responded to an anonymous writer. "Social media isn't supposed to be your source of life. As much as I am grateful for you [sic] dedication. I just also want your heart to be safe from negativity."

In the caption of the pic Selena wrote, "It's all an illusion." She didn't include the commenter's original post but noted she would delete the photo.

Not only is she talking directly to her fans on Instagram, she's also turning to Twitter to address them. The other day Selena posted a cute selfie with Charlie Puth, the talented singer from "See You Again," and the Internet exploded with the idea that these two could be a couple. She deleted the picture shortly after, but shared another adorable photo that vehemently denied a romance.

"Before it begins, he is a good one," she tweeted Monday. "He is MY FRIEND only lol."

These two might not be dating, but their selfies are cute enough that we can pretend they are! Selena has been rumored to be romantically involved with a couple of people as of late, including Nick Jonas, whom she has dated before. Her former Disney pal, Demi Lovato, even weighed in on the idea of them as a couple.

"I honestly don't have an opinion," Demi told Capital FM. "I want him to be happy. I definitely want him to be happy."

She later added, "He deserves the best."

For now, both Nick and Selena remain single.