Security reasons behind police stopping Opposition protests

Police Commissioner Gari Baki says there is a serious law and order and security issue behind the decision to prevent today’s public forum by members of the Opposition in Port Moresby.

Baki said due to tensions from last week Monday’s (26th October) chaotic public protests he did not allow for today’s gathering.

He says the safety of the public was not guaranteed adding, calls by the public to allow them to gather was unrealistic and unsafe.

Baki met with Opposition leader Don Polye and appealed to them to consider a closed venue where crowd behavior can be easily controlled.

Baki says last week’s protest prompted criticism on the way police handled the gathering and as such he will not allow for the spill over tensions to impact on the forum settings today.

He thanked the leaders for seeing reason and says that by them calling off the forum they upheld their duties as leaders and law and order keepers ensuring public safety and order was maintained.

Julianna Waeda